Forest Solutions Group

Our Forest Solutions Group (FSG) is a global platform for the forest sector value chain. Building and sharing business solutions to lead sustainable development in the forest products sector.

FSG’s mission is to advance the bio-economy and a thriving forest sector that sustains healthy productive forests & people's well-being.

FSG members adhere to a set of membership principles and report on key performance indicators to demonstrate leadership and prove progress on sustainability. Read more.


Forest Products Sector Guide to the Natural Capital Protocol

Developed in on behalf of the Natural Capital Coalition, this guide supports businesses along the forest products value chain in conducting natural capital assessments.

Guide to social impact measurement along the forest products value chain

This sector guide to the Social Capital Protocol supports sustainability practitioners from companies in the forest value chain in measuring and valuing their social impacts.

Sustainable Procurement Guide

Developed in partnership with the World Resources Institute, this guide supports buyers of forest products in their efforts to source those products sustainably.

SDG Forest Sector Roadmap

FSG is leading the development of an SDG roadmap for the forest sector, based on WBCSD’s SDG Sector Roadmap Guidelines.

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WBCSD Council Meeting 2018

22 - 25 October, 2018,

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14 - 17 October, 2019
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Impact on SDGs

FSG demonstrates its contribution to 9 sustainable development goals by reporting on Key Performance Indicators on a yearly basis. Read more


Luis Rochartre

Director, Forest Solutions Group

Angela Graham-Brown

Manager, Forest Solutions Group