Cement Sustainability Initiative

The Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) is a global effort by 24 major cement producers with operations in more than 100 countries.

CSI companies believe there is a strong business case for the pursuit of sustainable development. Collectively these companies account for around 30% of the world’s cement production and range in size from very large multinationals to smaller local producers.

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CSI Website

The CSI is a voluntary, CEO-led global program initiated by leading cement companies in 1999, under the WBCSD umbrella.

CSI Getting the Numbers Right (GNR) database

GNR is an independent database of CO2 and energy performance information on the cement industry.

Working with partners

We partner with 15 cement trade associations worldwide to ensure our messaging is spread across a wider industry audience.

CSI in the news

Read about CSI coverage in the news and articles we have contributed to key trade press.

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WBCSD Council Meeting 2018

22 - 25 October, 2018,

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Liaison Delegate Meeting 2019

1 - 4 April, 2019
, Montreux, Switzerland

WBCSD Council Meeting 2019

14 - 17 October, 2019
, Lisbon, Portugal
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Philippe Fonta

Managing Director, Cement Sustainability Initiative & Tire Industry Project

Yvonne Leung

Director, Cement Sustainability Initiative

Cristiana Ciaraldi

Manager, Cement Sustainability Initiative

Esha Sar

Manager, Cement Sustainability Initiative in India

Florian Micco

Associate, Cement Sustainability Initiative

Zoë Zeng

Associate, Cement Sustainability Initiative