WBCSD places a strong emphasis on the need for education on sustainable development and business.

Education with regards to sustainable development is needed to provide a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges, the role of business, and to share learning on business solutions. We partner with leading universities such as Yale University, Arizona State University and Lancaster University to support our leading educational programs and tools.


Leadership Program

A unique executive education program, focused on business, leadership and sustainable development.

Training material

Our tools, methodologies and principles support sustainability education.


We partner with leading Universities to promote sustainable development education.

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Impact on SDGs

Education is central to the improvement of the lives of people globally. Thus we are working towards Sustainable Development Goal 4 on education, recognizing that education is essential to the success of sustainable development as a whole.


Rodney Irwin

Managing Director, Redefining Value & Education

Suzanne Feinmann

Manager, Education