Finance for Social impact

Forward-looking companies are addressing the biggest issues facing society through business-led ventures that, while remaining profitable, are impactful, scalable, measurable, replicable, and that go beyond business as usual. Most importantly, these solutions are aligned to a company’s core business. However, the lack of internal and external financing options that can be dedicated towards developing social impact offerings often stalls or prevents action. How can we unlock appropriate capital to support and scale corporate efforts towards social innovation?

The challenge

The shape and scale of the current market for social impact finance is not well understood. Despite a clear understanding of the benefits of social impact to sustainability and growth, both companies and investors are struggling to scale up their efforts when it comes to sourcing and supplying appropriate financial support.

The business case

Social impact initiatives enable companies to better manage risks, anticipate consumers’ demand, build positions in growth markets, secure access to needed resources, and strengthen supply chains. Improving alignment and collaboration between institutional investors, impact investors and corporations will help to advance appropriate financing models to stimulate and de-risk corporate efforts towards social innovation and impact.

The solution

Our goal is to build a joint understanding and to stimulate the different types and sources of capital available for business initiatives that generate both business value and social impact. This orients companies towards appropriate capital, and helps investors consider where and how to unlock such capital on a greater scale. The project highlights areas where collaborative action could contribute to progress and scale in corporate action for social impact.

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Impact on SDGs

Our work in Financing for Social Impact contributes to the SDGs in many ways: from driving product and service innovation to enabling access to basic needs, like health, education, energy or housing, to transforming the livelihoods of rural communities.



Kitrhona Cerri

Director, Social Impact

Davide Fiedler

Manager, Social Impact