New Energy Solutions

New energy solutions encompass a wide range of technologies and services. Electrifying energy consumption -  from the way we heat and light buildings, to the way we transport goods, people and services -  is at the center of global decarbonization. This is why decarbonizing the power sector reduces GHGs in all other sectors as well. Innovative approaches are needed.

The challenge

We’re addicted to fossil fuels. This project is about identifying cutting-edge energy solutions that allow energy consumers to go low-carbon. By analyzing and pursuing the required business conditions for enabling these solutions, WBCSD member companies are scaling up GHG emission savings in line with a 2ºC scenario.

Many of these energy transition solutions are cross-sectoral and require collaboration across industries to capitalize on jointly initiated work.

The business case

Decoupling GHG emissions from energy use is paramount in the fight against climate change. A number of solutions exist that replace highly CO2 intensive energy consumption with a low-carbon or neutral approach. In this transition, companies may be required to make significant up-front investments but long-term profitability, increased performance and climate change mitigation will all help to ensure a business’s future success.

The solution

Our members are identifying energy solutions that allow consumers to transition to low-carbon energy use and ultimately remain under the 2°C objective. Companies are working on a two-pronged approach:

  • A top-down common vision for decarbonizing the power sector by 2050 considering different electrification scenarios.
  • A bottom-up analysis of the business case for low-carbon energy solutions that are available for pre-commercial application and are ready to be scaled for impactful deployment.

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Rasmus Valanko

Director, Climate & Energy

Mariana Heinrich

Manager, Climate & Energy