Energy & Circular Economy

Two of the biggest barriers to sustainability rest in the current linear “take-make-dispose” economic model and our outdated global energy system.  Our projects in the Energy and Circular Economy program aim to address these issues by bringing business together to scale up low-carbon and efficiency solutions. We believe that the circular economy is a key lever in transitioning to the low-carbon economy – and that by unleashing circular innovation, we can help fulfill the Paris Agreement and the SDGs.

Program areas

Climate & Energy

Combating climate change and transforming the energy system are core challenges on the path to a sustainable future. Our Climate and Energy work facilitates cutting-edge climate and energy solutions as we work with business, government and society to address critical climate and industry issues, share best practices and build a sustainable world.

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Factor 10

Factor10 is WBCSD’s Circular Economy project. By collaborating on solutions that go beyond business as usual, Factor10 will deliver high-impact, large-scale results where resources are used wisely, processes create the greatest possible value, and nothing is wasted.

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Impact on SDGs

The projects under the Energy and Circular Economy Program relate to the following SDGs: