Transforming Urban Mobility

Transforming Urban Mobility brings leading companies across the extended mobility value chain together to lead the systemic mobility change underway. Together companies work on a coherent set of projects that mobilize the five mobility thrusts (digital connectivity and big data, energy generation from renewable sources, vehicle electrification, vehicle automation, and mobility services) which will transform the mobility system to one that meets the four Sustainable Mobility Goals (SMGs).

The challenge

The mobility landscape is highly complex and, with technology and data, is rapidly changing with no collective and sustainable vision. By 2030 cities will be home to 60% of global population and motorized mobility will have increased by 41%, both elements precipitating increased congestion and reduced air quality through 60% increase in CO2 emissions. All affects negatively impacting people and a countries economy.

The business case

The future of mobility (connecting the physical and digital worlds) holds a US$11.1 trillion revenue opportunity as well as the power to improve the lives and livelihoods of billions of people — their quality of life, their health, their environment—and stabilize climate change. TuM provides companies the opportunity to be the disruptors and lead the mobility transformation in a way that is both environmentally sustainable and economically beneficial.

The solution

TuM delivers a cohesive set of workstreams with collaborative actions creating a 15-year horizon to work with the key stakeholders inside the urban mobility project to remove barriers and co-design solutions. Actions within the workstreams are phased, time bound and fall into two key categories Mobility Management (including Infrastructure; Data: and Operations and Regulations) and Technological Change (including: Electrification; Automation and Circular Economy). Each action will help achieve measurable impact on the SMGs.

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Impact on SDGs

Transport does not have an explicit SDG however it is a key enabler for countries to meet their NDC targets and in turn realize 40% of the SDGs.


Maria Mendiluce

Managing Director

Rasmus Valanko

Director, Climate & Energy

Irene Martinetti

Manager - Sustainable Mobility

Byeronie Epstein

Associate, Transport