Low Emissions Economy Partnership (LEEP)

The Low Emissions Economy Partnership (LEEP) is a strategic initiative to bring together a cross-sectoral group of companies and some selected cities to jointly drive greenhouse gas emissions reduction projects through a new type of public-private partnership.

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The challenge

Many cities have developed climate action plans. But there is a gap between cities’ emissions reduction ambitions and the implementation of low-emissions projects across a city, including by residents and businesses. WBCSD believes that both businesses and cities have underestimated the need for a dedicated organization to drive local emissions reductions and urban innovation.

The business case

Business has the expertise, the strategic interest and the financial capacity to provide low-carbon solutions in cities. And business-to-business interactions are critical to unlock climate action in cities.

The solution

LEEP offers a neutral place for discussions between cities, business and other local stakeholders in a pre-commercial environment; it fosters trust and works towards a common vision that will lead to the implementation of projects. The project will establish local LEEP offices that will work to remove barriers to commercialization, accelerate investment and reduce emissions.


LEEP builds on the previous experience of WBCSD projects on:

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Roland Hunziker

Director, Sustainable Buildings & Cities

Claudia Schweizer

Manager, Sustainable Cities

Delphine Garin

Manager, Sustainable Buildings

Rob Lichtman

Project Advisor, Director, E-Systems