CEO Guides

WBCSD regularly publishes CEO Guides to bring a high-level perspective to issues that have an impact on business while highlighting risks and opportunities.

CEO Guide to Water

The materiality of water is clear and urgent, as evident from recent examples across the globe. Water is not only key to the world’s stability, prosperity and peace, but is also essential for business to operate.

The CEO Guide lays out the business case for water, outlining physical and non-physical water-related risks and presents significant business opportunities connected to water, including increased resilience and market growth.

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CEO Guide to climate-related financial disclosures

This Guide will help companies understand, support and implement better disclosure of climate-related risks and opportunities.  

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CEO Guide to the Circular Economy

The Guide – developed in cooperation with Accenture and signed by 14 CEOs from companies including Unilever, Danone and Tata – aims to give CEOs and business leaders the tools they need to implement circular economy principles.

The Guide outlines five business models and three disruptive technologies companies can explore and implement in order to seize the USD$ 4.5 trillion opportunity the circular economy represents.

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CEO Guide to the SDGs

The CEO Guide to the SDGs is a new resource aimed at galvanizing engagement from global business leaders in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Guide sets out clear actions that CEOs can take to begin to align their organizations with the SDGs and plot a course towards unlocking the value they represent.

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The CEO Guide to Engaging in Climate Change solutions

This CEO Guide provides a summary of the latest scientific understanding and outlines ways in which you, as a CEO and as a business, can engage and help create scalable action. We will publish the CEO Guide in different formats. On your iPad, as an interactive PDF or as a PDF attachment to an email. Please let me have any comments, feedback or suggestions so that we can make the guides as useful and user-friendly as possible.

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The CEO Guide to Climate Action

This CEO Guide aims to be your compass and provide clarity on the different ways you can engage your company. A simple start may be to ask your team to tell you how your company will be involved in each of the initiatives on pages 7 to 13.

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